【tdr0347】Simba sings? “Sinbad Storybook Voyage”


“Sinbad Storybook Voyage” is located Arabian Coast of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is a boat type attraction just like “It’s a Small World” that can experience the voyage of Sinbad taking 10 minutes and is.

“Audio animatronics”, which is Walt Disney Imagineering own technology is used for production and the number of using the audio animatronics is more than other attractions at Tokyo DisneySea, so it is surprising.

So, at this attraction the song called “compass of your heart”, which is about “friends are the treasure not gold or jewels”.

This song is sung by former Shiki Theatrical Company member Kenji Sakamoto.

It is amazing the fact this song was sung by “former Shiki Theatrical Company member”, but the role he did while he was at Shiki Theatrical Company is more surprising. Actually he is the one who played role of first “Simba” from “Lion King”

The beautiful and clean voice that trained with “Lion King”.

And this song was written by “Alan Menken” who also has written “A Whole New World” from “Aladdin”. Beautiful voice and famous songwriter worked together, so it can’t go wrong.

After moving on from Shiki Theatrical Comapny Mr.Sakamoto still being active and sending his beautiful voice at “Les Miserable” and other musicals and at the same time he energetically doing independent performance and concert activity.

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