【tdr0318】The movement and skill of evolving audio animatronics


“Audio Animatronics” is controlled by computer that tunes the movement of animals of dolls and voices.

Walt Disney Imagineering developed robot and was released at “Enchanted Tiki’s room” of Anaheim Disneyland in 1963. By that the attraction that can see the show of bird and flowers dancing along the music completed and started to use in various attractions.

Tokyo Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” that opened in 1983 has about 300 small figure and 250 of animal audio animatronics.

And Tokyo DisneySea’s “Sinbad Storybook Voyage” which opened renewal in 2007.

It is boat ride type attraction just like “It’s a Small World” and you can experience the Sinbad’s voyage by taking 10 minutes and this also uses many of audio animatronics.

The number of audio animatronics is more than other attractions at Tokyo Disney Sea.

And the audio animatronics’ movement is so smooth.

Because it has been 40 years since audio animatronics was first released, so it is not surprising how the skill is improved.

You can see clearly the more than 20 years of technology difference when comparing the movement of audio animatronics of “It’s a Small World”.

Disney parks are always stepping forward not knowing how to stop. It is fun to look forward what comes next.

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