【tdr0277】Is it true that there is an attraction that stimulates olfactory?


“Sinbad’s Storybook Voyages”, which located at Arabian Coast of Tokyo DisneySea.

It is boat type attraction just like “It’s a Small World” and takes 10 minutes to experience the voyage of Sinbad. The amply of audio animatronics were one of the features.

Also, it is an experienced type attraction that follows adventure of Sinbad and baby tiger chandu, so during the journey there are full and various performances.

One of it is the smell.

Right after going to monkey Island after rushing out to the sea with storm from Basrah Harbor, save baby bird, save a giant at secret base of robbers, received treasure, and meet the king of India.

Sinbad who became friend with monkey received large amount of banana that piled up in appreciation and that place has full of smell of banana.

Of course there aren’t any real banana.

The banana that are placed there is objet d’art that have been made like real.

The flavoring agent was made like real banana’s smell.

…. Even knowing that it is amazing how it makes you think there is real banana.

There aren’t many attraction that stimulates your olfactory rather than visually or auditory.

You may crave for banana after enjoying this attraction.

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