【tdr0203】Can we charter the “Venetian Gondola”?


The theme port that has role of entrance of Tokyo DisneySea, which is “Mediterranean Harbor”.

It is in motif of port town like Portofino or Cinque Terre, which is located Northwest of Italy Mediterranean and canal of Venetia, so it is divided into 3 areas, which is “Porto Paradiso”, “Palazzo Canal”, and “Explorers Landing”.

There is the biggest bay of Tokyo DisneySea at center and aquatic events are spectacle.

So, such port town “Mediterranean Harbor” has area that imaged city of water Venetia “Palazzo Canal” has attraction called “Venetian Gondola”, which takes you around with gondola. It resembling the actual gondola that is used in Venetia and is a popular attraction that goes around by going under the bridge. You can charter the gondola if you satisfy the requirements.

First, as an important thing it is limited to “people who have wedding at Hotel MiraCosta”.

Apply the wedding at Hotel MiraCosta and when you apply for the program of “Serenata in Venetian Gondola” you can charter the gondola.

Bride and Groom that become husband and wife by making a vow of to love each other until the death parts them at Hotel. The celebration bell rings, be congratulated from the friends and parents, and after seizing the happiness the bride and groom goes around the canal elegantly while guests watching warmly. To share the moment that is far from the ordinary days as a husband and wide will be the unforgettable moment for them.

If you happen to throw a wedding at Hotel MiraCosta this is one of program that you should consider. And if both the bride and groom is Disney fan then you will not regret for sure.

Next you get curious is the fee. To charter the gondola you probably have an idea that it is not that cheap, but how much is it exactly?

The price is $3,000 (¥300,000)!

It depends on the person to feel this price cheap or expensive. But wedding is the biggest event that only happens once in lifetime, so this price is a great deal to consider positively. Although, this sometime be cancelled due to bad weather. If you are considered to apply for this program then confirm the weather beforehand.

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