【tdr0078】Lost River Delta antiquity has model?


“Lost River Delta” is the theme port that has greens more than other theme ports in Tokyo Disney Sea. It is set 1930’s rain forest in America and excavation site of relics ancient civilization in the motif and famous attraction that is perfect for this theme port is “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull”

So, “Lost River Delta”, the small jungle, don’t you think the relic ancient civilization of “step pyramid” is so real that is created each details skillfully? It makes you think it built by coping the relic that actually exists.

According to anther theory, “Tikal Temple II, Temple of the Masks” that exists at República de Guatemala Tikal National Park is the model. This temple was built in around 700 and is “step pyramid” that is same as “Lost River Delta”. Moreover it is registered as one of World Heritages.

The figure of Tikal Temple II, Temple of the Masks does look similar with Lost River Delta that probably because it has the same “step pyramid” shape. Comparing these two especially partially, untrained eyes can find similar bits, but this is one of theories, so is not accurate.

But Lost River Delta used Tikal Temple II, Temple of the Masks just a little bit.

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