【tdr0074】Hidden character at 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?


When you go to Tokyo Disney Sea “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” is one of attractions that cannot be missed.

This attraction was made in motif of Jules Verne “Seabed two Wanli” and is a ride type attraction, which find the mystery of the ancient civilization that sank under the sea with submarine. The ride is sealed tightly and you can actually feel you are on the submarine.

Also, in March of 2004, the story and program was changed that search lights have set that can be moved by the lever at hand on each seats also in October of 2008, the gate of boarding was set and pattern of ride has changed. It often renewal work is done to not let the guests to not to get tired of it.

With such attraction, “hidden character” instead of “hidden Mickey” is hiding, but do you know which character is hiding?

Actually, main character of “Finding Nemo” “Nemo” and main charater of “Little Mermaid” “Ariel” is hiding.

First with Nemo, he appears on the “left hand side in direction of ride moving towards to” once the ride stars. The size is bit small, but Nemo’s bright orange will catch your eyes and relatively easy to find.

With Ariel, she appears twice on the “right hand side in direction of ride moving towards to” at opening.

First time she appears on the picture that drawn on the ship and second time she appears as a sculpture caving on the shop, but some people questioning like “this is Ariel?” , so to be exact I cannot swear that is Ariel. Although, mermaids that exists in Tokyo Disney Sea is a bit depressing isn’t it? May be it is best to check with your own eyes to decide whether it is Ariel or not. If so, it is better to tell a cast that you want to sit on the right side of the ride beforehand.

But, the most recommended seat is the middle seat. That seat is a special seat that it can see both Nemo and Ariel and can enjoy the excitement of attraction. It depends on the luck where you get to sit, so if you couldn’t get the seat you wanted don’t get upset.

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