【tdr0066】Why is the Tower of Terror 59 meters tall, not 60?


The Tower of Terror is a free-fall attraction located in the American Waterfront of Tokyo DisneySea. The construction cost totaled approximately $210 million.

With the height of 59 meters and the thrill of floating it gives when falling, the Tower of Terror is said to be the most frightening ride in DisneySea. Since the opening on September 4, 2006, it has been providing many guests thrills and screams.

The 59-meter-tall Tower of Terror is the tallest building in Tokyo Disney Resort. Don’t you wonder why it is 59 meters tall?

You may wonder “why didn’t they make it one meter taller? 60 meter sounds more clear-cut and better…”, but there is a good reason for the height.

That reason is related to the Article 51 of Civil Aeronautics Act.

The Article 51 of Civil Aeronautics Act specifies that “any owner or any person who has the title to any objects with a height of 60 meters or more above the ground or the water shall install obstacle lights on the structures concerned”. Thus, the tower would need to have obstacle lights if it is 60 meters tall.

If you see obstacle lights on the attraction in the evening, your dream experience in Tokyo DisneySea would be spoiled. They decided to make it 59 meters, to which the Civil Aeronautics Act is not applied, so as to minimize the elements that remind the guests of reality.

It is just admirable that they pay attention to such details to maintain the Disney Parks as ‘dreamlands’.

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