tdr0977_So expansive! Tokyo Disneyland Hotel lobby


“Tokyo Disneyland Hotel” is Disney Hotel that opened July 8th 2008.

It has 705 guests room that it has the most guest rooms among other Disney Hotels.

The elegant interiors and exteriors are unified in English Victoria era style that became popular from 19th Century to 20th Century just like the main entrance or World Bazar of Tokyo Disneyland is so breathtakingly beautiful.

Especially the main entrance on 3rd floor is must see.

Atrium lobby that has water monument that is created in motif of film “Fantasia” is opened ceiling and that level of opened ceiling is spectacular that cannot find any other place.

The surprising height of opened ceiling is about 98 feet.

This is same height as 7 or 8th floor of office building and is same height as 10th floor of apartment.

Expansive lobby that removed the atmosphere richly is worth seeing.

Please experience the expansiveness.

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