tdr0941_Super luxury! Ambassador Hotel highest suite is a totally different class!


“Disney Ambassador Hotel” was opened as first Disneyland in Japan in July 2000.

It is a Disney Hotel that is gathering popularity by having rooms in motif of typical Disney characters like “Mickey Mouse Room”, “Minnie Mouse Room”, and “Donald Duck Room”.

So, with such dreamy hotel for Disney fans has suite room.

Especially the most luxurious suite room “Mickey’s Penthouse Suite” has totally different atmosphere when comparing other suite rooms.

“Mickey’s Penthouse Suite” is located on the top floor, 6th floor.

It has 1614 square feet.

Inside the room the interiors all in motif of Mickey Mouse that it is decorated with three colors of red, black, and yellow that reminds Mickey Mouse.

The thing you can spot on when entering the room is the huge sofa that leaves plenty of room even lying on it, with room back in the left has huge mickey shaped TV stand, sofa with red leather, and fancy counter, and in the bedroom there is full sized bed with huge Mickey shaped head board.

Of course bathroom has full of Mickey that Mickey shaped cute towels are everywhere that guests can feel Mickey up close with every room.

So, then we get curious about price. It is actually $3,000 per night (with 2 guests).

When it is highest suite the price gets luxury too.

But it could say that it has that much of attractiveness.

It would be wonderful if it is possible to stay for one night once in a life time.

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