tdr0850_Guest room with full of Mickey and Minnie is incredible?


“Disney Ambassador Hotel” was opened in July 2000 as Japan first Disney Hotel.

At this Disney Hotel, certain guest room is gathering much popularity.

The certain guest room is “Mickey Mouse Room” and “Minnie Mouse Room”.

It is a special guest room that was created after big scale of renovation that occurred from January 23rd to February 5th 2013.

It is provided as one of “Ambassador floor”, which is one rank above than “standard floor” and the room is as the name says it is so cute and full of Mickey and Minnie.

Mickey Mouse Room (capacity 3 guests: $587~$833)

-“Red trousers” design bed liner, which is Mickey’s well-known clothes.
-Mickey Mouse posing various poses wallpaper.
-Carpet with Mickey’s footsteps as if he walked in the room.
-Mirror craved Mickey.
-Amenities comes with small pouch that is in motif of Mickey’s “red trousers” and many other.

Minnie Mouse Room (capacity 3 guests: $587~$833)

-Dot pattern bed liner, which is famous pattern of Minnie.
-Minnie Mouse posing various poses wallpaper.
-Carpet with red ribbon.
-Red ribbon cushions.
-Amenities comes with small pouch that is in motif of Minnie’s “dot pattern” and many other.

Both room has fine designs matching the characters, performance, and decorated well, so it is such an amazing room that makes guest excited just looking at it.

The fee gets different depending on the time of season, so it is better to make reservation after confirming the price.

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