tdr0805_When it is available? How to stay Disney hotel with cheap price


Disney hotel guest room availability becomes different depending on the time of season.

The hotel fee becomes different depending on the vacancies condition, so I am sure there are people who want to stay the hotel when it is cheap, because there are people who want to spend money on pleasure rather than hotel.

So, when it is the best time to go?

“From January 6th to the end of February (except a coming of age ceremony and Valentine’s day)” is called “off period” that it is emptiest time both on Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Also this time of the period is the right time to stay at Disney hotel with cheap price and being specific weekdays of January is the most recommended time to stay at Disney hotel that all the Disney hotels are not busy.

Although there are three Disney hotels such as “Disney Ambassador Hotel”, “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta”, and “Tokyo Disneyland Hotel” and the competition rate is different with each hotel.

The competition rate is high and hotel that has most difficulty to make reservation is “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” especially.

“Hotel MiraCosta” is located inside the Tokyo DisneySea, so the popularity is so high that it limits the cheap period when comparing with other two hotels.

On the other hand, “Ambassador Hotel” and “Disneyland Hotel” competition rate is lower, so the price tends to drop “on weekdays from April to beginning of July except Fridays” other than “weekdays in January”, so it is relatively easier to aim.

Please use this as a reference if you are thinking to stay at Disney hotel.

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