tdr0684_”Alice in Wonderland” event was held at Tokyo Disneyland hotel?


“Alice in Wonderland” is still a popular film since it released in 1951.

One of the reasons is because the strong popularity of original novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”, but it is because many people regardless of age get attracted with how adorable Alice is and fairy tale view of the world.

Anyway, there was an even of such popular film “Alice in Wonderland ” was held at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel in the past. The title of event was “Alice, Do You Have the Secret Key? ~ MAGICAL MYSTERY TEA PARTY”

What kind of event was it actually?

Actually it was a fashion show held by ” ALICE and the PIRATES (PIRATES)”, which is a brand that is in same line of brand that leads “lolita fashion” ” BABY, THE STARS SHINE BRIGHT (BABY)” and it is an event that is called “tea party” from fans.

Until then this event was held at Chinzansou (Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo), but because of selling dress that derived from “Alice in Wonderland” at every Disney Stores in Japan in the same year of October, so the event was decided to hold at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel for the third time.

160 of fans wearing lolita fashion were gathered at this event.

Other than revealing new fall-winter fashion, talk show by designer and sweets of “Alice in Wonderland” was provided at the event.

The tea party was such a fantastic event for Alice fans and lolita fans. It would be great if this event will be hold at Tokyo Disney Resort.

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