tdr0639_Which Disney hotel has the most number of rooms?


Disney related hotels are

-Hotel managed by Tokyo Disney Resort “Disney Hotel”
-Within Tokyo Disney Resort tie-up hotel “Official Hotel”
-Around Tokyo Disney Resort tie-up hotel “Partner Hotel”

As you can see it is divided into 3 groups, but as expected “Disney Hotel” is gathering reservations at most.

With hotels managed directly have services and benefits, so it is very popular that it gets fully booked everyday.

First Disney Hotel “Disney Ambassador Hotel” was built in 2000 and first park combined hotel “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” opened following year. And in 2008 “Tokyo Disneyland Hotel” opened finally, so there are three “Disney Hotels” now.

Each hotel has different attractiveness, so it is very difficult to choose one from hat, but the number of rooms is what guests concern.

It is because the more the rooms, the more reservation gets easier.

So, which hotel has the most number of rooms?

The answer is “Tokyo Disneyland Hotel”, which was built at last.

There are 705 guest rooms.

It probably doesn’t come to mind, but this number is overwhelmingly more than other Disney hotels.

By the way, Disney Ambassador hotel has 504 guest rooms and Hotel MiraCosta has only 502 guest rooms. 200 rooms difference is there when comparing with Tokyo Disney Hotel.

This is such a huge difference.

Although, Disney Hotels are very popular, so even there are many guest rooms it is still hard to make reservation.

It is not rare that it is fully booked few months before when guest try to make a reservation.

For those who are wishing to stay at Disney Hotel, plan the schedule early the possible.

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