tdr0626_Super rare? “Disney Resort Cruiser” that has special number


“Disney Resort Cruiser” is shuttle bus that runs in Tokyo Disney Resort for free.

It is a specially made car that has Mickey on everywhere of cruiser and of course the interiors like straps too.

Actually this “Disney Resort Cruisers” are divided into “business vehicle (green numbers)” and “private vehicle (white numbers)” according to the route and there are several sizes, but there is a cruiser with “special number”.

Cruiser that has special number is “private vehicle (white number)” of “Ambassador hotel owns (route A).

Disney Ambassador Hotel owns medium front door car, medium center door car (2 cars) and large medium car (2 cars) and among those cars medium front door car numbers is “11-18″, which is Mickey’s birthday November 18th.

This is the only car with Mickey number even there are many “Disney Resort Cruisers”.

You are lucky if you happen to get on this car.

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