tdr0616_The weight of “Galleon” at Hotel MiraCosta is incredible?


“Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” is a Hotel connected Disney Park, which is second hotel as Disney Hotel next to “Disney Ambassador Hotel” and located inside Tokyo DIsneySea.

Tokyo DisneySea can be viewed depending on the room and restaurant can be used without staying, so it is such a popular hotel from Disney fans.

Anyway, at center of such Hotel MiraCosta lobby there is bronze statue of “Galleon” that Mickey being captain.

“Galleon” is modeled one kinds of sailboat that appeared during 15 to 16th Century.

Sail that unfurled on few masts and flag waving… it is a bronze statue is realistic that it makes you think as if it is about to go to the sea, but the weight of this is incredible.

That weight of bronze statue is actually 4409.25lbs.

To compare with animal, it is same weight as one white rhinoceos, Indian rhinoros, or hippopotamus.

At that time it was planned to be weight 1763.7lbs, but as the process goes and being particular about details the amount of bronze increased then it ended up with about 4409.25lbs.

Floor of hotel is construct to bare 6613.87lbs maximum, so the floor wouldn’t break, but I am sure you never thought it was that heavy.

By the way, there are familiar Disney characters on that “Galleon” such as figurehead mermaid of Minnie, Donald peeking telescope near flag, and Goofy who looking over the sea other than Mickey as captain.

If you haven’t seen it closely, please have a look closely.

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