tdr0590_Big changes to services and accommodation plans of hotels around TDL


With the start of the new projection show at night in Tokyo Disneyland, popular hotels around Maihama, Urayasu City have been changing their services and refurbishing their facilities, attracting people’s attention now.

The night show increased the number of guests who stay in TDL until the closing time and stay at hotels nearby.

Also, an increased number of people check in during midnight period now. In response to the changes, each hotel is actively creating/changing its plans and services and refurbishing its facilities.

1: Late dinner services in restaurants

The “Once Upon A Time” show at TDL, which premiered at the end of May 2014, is a spectacular night show projected on the beautiful Cinderella’s Castle using the projection mapping techniques, along with the music and fireworks.

The show is held twice a day on weekends and busy seasons, one of which is held right before the closing time. To watch the show until the end, many people having been choosing to stay overnight at the hotels near Maihama. During the last summer holidays, the hotels were fully booked every day.

A package product including the ticket for “Once Upon a Time” and accommodation in a nearby hotel sold fairly well. Since the show started, room occupancy rate in the hotels has grown dramatically.

On the other hand, many people started to check in after 10 p.m. due to the ending time of the show, one hour later than before.

As a result, the hotels faced a problem that people do not have dinner at their restaurants.

To address it, the hotels introduced midnight services in the restaurants.

In Sunroute Plaza Tokyo, light meals such as meal boxes and sandwiches as well as “midnight buffet” which is available until midnight are very popular.

In summer 2014, the attraction “Jungle Cruise”, which had been enjoying an enduring popularity since the opening of TDL, opened after renovation.

More and more people now want to enjoy the quaint atmosphere of the deep jungle at night, which will also increase the demand for midnight services in the nearby hotels.

2: A wave of refurbishments in major hotels

To enjoy good business continuously even after the summer vacation, many hotels decided to refurbish their rooms.

Specifically, they are adding rooms accommodating large family, special luxury rooms with themed interiors, etc. to target specific customer segments.

Sunroute Plaza Tokyo newly added four “Comfort Deluxe Rooms” with a capacity of 6 people, so as to attract more and more families.

The room has four beds and a larger bath tub than normal size. With this type of rooms, the hotel succeeded in attracting three-generation families and large groups, achieving a record occupancy rate of 98 percent during summer holidays and maintaining the popularity even after that.

Also, its luxury room called “Brides & Princess Suite” has been very popular despite the super high price (approx.$1800 per night). Hotel staff is very pleased at the outcomes.

This may be because recently people tend to be willing to spend more money to make the trip better, as well as because Tokyo has been chosen as a host for the 2020 Olympics.

By March 2015, Tokyo Disneyland Hotel is going to newly open a total of 182 special rooms themed on Disney characters – Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Alice in Wonderland and Tinker Bell.

Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel, which is expected to open in July after total refurbishment, is also adding cabin-themed rooms targeting families with children as well as “Japanese Suite” rooms with Japanese-style design targeting seniors and people from overseas.

The hotel has also reopened its renovated large banquet room, which can hold up to 2,000 people. The industry is watching the new Sheraton’s ability to attract customers.

Hilton Tokyo Bay is not just renovating the guest rooms but also updating its facilities and equipment. In October, the hotel’s banquet rooms and event rooms will be equipped with leading-edge projectors and audio devices so that a wider variety of events can be held.

We can’t take our eyes off of how TDL as well as leisure facilities around Maihama area will keep changing in the future.

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