tdr0576_So many surprises with bed making of Disney hotels


Full atmosphere of Disney, various benefits, and service is selling point of “Disney Hotel”.

Disney hotel is located near Disney park that it is enjoyable and fantastic even just staying, the service is so stylish, so it is very popular.

For example, it has plentiful great services for Disney fans that towels and napkin is folded to create Disney characters or special Disney amenities can be brought back home.

One of the services that is popular is “bed making”.

Ordinary bed making is mainly clean the room and fix the bed to appropriate state.

But the bed making at Disney hotel is bit different that it creates using what guest has.

The thing it uses is “doll that guest left in the room”.

For example, you left Mickey Mouse stuffed doll in the room when going to Disney park.

Bed making occur when guest is away from the room and stuff uses that stuffed doll that is left in the room to creates performance as if the “stuffed doll moved when the guest is away”.

-Stuffed doll that was left on the bed was sleeping on the bed when getting back to the room.
-Few stuffed dolls were spreading the Disney park map.
-Stuffed doll was waiting guest near the door.

These small surprises making guest enjoy.

Especially small kids definitely get excited with this.

There is Disney commercial that “Stuffed Mickey welcoming back the guest when the guest coming back to room” can be seen on the TV. That is how much Disney pushes this service.

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