tdr0565_Towel even changes to art at Disney Hotels?


“Disney Hotel” is very popular that it is located near both parks and it has various benefits.

There are many Disney’s unique creativities hiding many places inside the hotel.

For example, amenities that can be brought back home are all in Disney character design and everything like wall, furniture, and fixtures of room are casually in Disney design.

This sets apart from other normal hotels and creates the special sense of staying at Disney hotel.

Anyway, as one of creativities Disney hotels is putting effort in “towels” too.

Towels are necessary when staying at hotel and it is provided at any hotels for surely, right?

Towels are provided by folding it or already have hanged, but the towel becomes Disney art at Disney hotel.

By folding one towel makes Mickey Mouse who represents Disney of course and Chip n’ Dale even they look almost the same, but it is showing the difference of their teeth shape.

When such cute towel art waiting in the room makes you excited, don’t you think?

At the same time it makes you hesitate to use that.

Please check the towels up when staying at Disney hotel.

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