【tdr0440】The reason Shin Urayasu Hotel feels great deal than going around the Disneyland


When the long weekends come around everyone wants to go to Disneyland. But when searching on Internet there are full of cause of concerns like “congestion situation” or “not able to make reservation”. Even in that situation, for people “who wants to go to Disneyland” or who “wants to visit again”, “how about “this way of enjoying Shin Urayasu” ?

People tend to wish to visit Disneyland during summer vacation, Christmas, and New Year’s, which is during huge event.

Hotels around Disney is fully booked and going with car, because there is no other way to get there, but the traffic starts from the 15 minutes away by walking from the parking and never knowing when you can park the car. And when parked, enjoyed the park and walking back to the car then finding “scratch” on the car, which happens often at place where cars come and go busily.

But you are still going to Disneyland, because you want to see the smile of accompany… Is there any way to enjoy the Tokyo Disneyland fully without getting stuck in traffic jam or not damaging car?

I think there is.

Try to think differently like “the destination is getting to Tokyo Disneyland”. Why not to spend time not doing anything could be done “just before getting Tokyo Disneyland”.

Hotels around Shin Urayasu Station have shuttle bus that takes you to Disneyland in 15 minutes, able to purchase ticket at ticket counter beside hotel front, and able to send the shopping bags. There are partner hotels.

People who have car tend to think “why taking shuttle bus when there is a car”, but you can avoid traffic jam when going to hotels around Shin Urayasu Station. And you can drop the bags and can even take train for one stop if not willing to take shuttle bus lightly.

When there is shuttle bus, driver who is “concentrating to drive” usually can enjoy the view with your accompany. When seeing the same view and relax the “road near Disney that makes you irritated” changes. Don’t you think that adds one new memory?

And enjoyed fully after getting there. But restaurants are all fully booked. Now restaurants that can be enjoyed food while watching the show, which can be reserved are increasing. It is such an important memory for people who are visiting with family or who are visiting for the first time. Do not forget to make reservation.

People who have been to Disneyland many times and not wanting to make reservation tend to find restaurants “near Disney”, so when you are staying at hotel around Shin Urayasu Station you can enjoy more.

On the way back to hotel after enjoying. There are 4 big hotels around Shin Urayasu Station. And you don’t always have to have meals at hotels. Did you know that?

When there is beautiful hotel near you hotel then don’t you get curious? How about having meal when you are staying at Brighton Hotel then Oriental Hotel and when staying at Oriental Hotel then Brighton Hotel? I am sure you can feel the “richness” when going back to your hotel.

There are 4 different types in walk-able distance and you can decide freely. And did you know that on September 19th 2014 Californian Resort Restaurant opened by renewing the floor by Ristorante Mangiare Shin Urayasu, which restaurant called GRILL RESTAURANT MANGIARE CHEF’S LIVE STAGE closed regrettably on August 29th 2014.

It is a place where “people come to just eat”, so I am sure you will have fancy meal.

It would be great to going back to hotel as going for walk after having delicious food. If you are able to stay for 2 nights the it would be fun to visit “Lalaport” on next day. There is Lalaport near Shin Urayasu Station and you will not get bored when even spending all day at there. That is a place where you can have a blast with window-shopping.

Othere than that Urayasu Sogo Park has day camp site, nico nico Plaza, and picnic Plaza, which is huge park that can be enjoyed while feeling ocean.

When enjoying the fantasy fully by going to Disneyland then the food and air might tastes delicious.

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