【tdr0352】Disney hotel reservation trick


Disney related hotels can be divide into three types.

-“Disney Hotels” are the nearest hotels to 2 parks.
-“Tokyo Disney Resort Official Hotels” are the Tokyo Disney Resort cooperated hotels.
-“Tokyo Disney Resort Partner Hotels” are the cooperated hotels located around Tokyo Disney Resort.

Among those, “Disney Hotels” popularity is different than other.

“Disney Hotels” are listed below.

-“Disney Ambassador Hotel” that can meet Disney characters.
-“Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” that located inside the Tokyo DisneySea.
-“Tokyo Disneyland Hotel” that is the nearest hotel to Tokyo Disneyland.

Each hotel has great benefit such as located near the 2 parks, can purchase multiday passport special, Disney character amenities are provided, which other hotels don’t have, so this rich benefits are also the sales point.

Of course, it is always fully booked.

The reservation can be made from 6 months before, but you never know what happens in 6 months time, so it is quite difficult to make a reservation.

I am sure some of you cannot make up the mind by thinking “what if schedule doesn’t fit in even having made reservation already”.

Cancel fee of hotels are not that cheap and the price gets high more the closer to the date you have made reservation, so I understand why people become careful about it.

Although, “Disney Hotels” are fine with making reservation temporary.

Actually, cancel fee of “Disney Hotels” occurs from 2 weeks before the reservation date, therefore you can cancel easily until 2 weeks before the reservation date.

So, just make a reservation for now and cancel when you think you cannot make it on the date.

Who wants to pay cancel fee? No one.

To say opposite, 2 weeks before is the time many cancelations happen. Which means the possibility of making reservation gets higher.

Although, it doesn’t mean you can definitely make the reservation. If you want to make reservation on specific date then it would be a better idea to plan it beforehand.

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