【tdr0268】Ice sculpture of Sapporo snow festival came to Disney.


Snow and ice festival that held every late February is “Sapporo snow festival”.

As the name suggests, it is a big life event that held at Sapporo city of Hokkaido, exhibiting sculptures that is made with snow and ice and two million of tourists visit from all over the Japan. It is covered by medias every year, so I am sure there are many people know about this festival even not have been there.

Anyway, the ice sculptures, which is the main of the festival has exhibited at Disney Ambassador Hotel in the past.

It was exhibited during the height of summer 2011, July 22.

Ice sculpture of Cinderella Castle and Prometheus volcano, which was made by Jin Inoue who has been won the first prize at Sculpture World Contest. And people were allowed to touch it actually, which is so rare.

The circumstances of season and room temperature it was only exhibited for one day, but kids were delighted by seeing and touching the art.

Because it is so hot outside, so just looking at the ice sculptures make people feel cooler and refresh. I hope this kind of event will be held in the future.

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