【tdr0224】Minnie Mouse collaborated with famous picture.


The Japan first hotel that is connected to Disney Park “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta”. As the name of the hotel says this hotel is located inside the Tokyo DisneySea and is 5 story building opened after “Disney Ambassador Hotel” of Disney hotel.

Inside the hotel used to have “certain famous picture” that collaborated with Minnie Mouse.

Which famous picture was it?

The picture is “the Mona Lisa”, which is the most important work of Leonardo De Vinci that everyone knows. This famous oil painting “Mona Lisa” and Minnie Mouse was collaborated. That collaborated paint was lucid painting of Minnie Mouse smiling gracefully like “Mona Lisa”.

It is a simple painting, but it is also important to have a clear vision that everyone could imagine “Mona Lisa”.

The collaborated painting was hanged on the wall of shop, which was located inside the Hotel MiraCosta.

The name of painting is “Minnie Lisa Sundries”

Because the shop has painting of “Mona Lisa” and Minnie Mouse collaborated the name of shop is Minnie Lisa and how they played with words is so fancy. The collaborated paint was hanged on the wall of shop that carried general goods, snacks, or drinks, but unfortunately this shop closed in 2011, February. (*The place Minnie Lisa Sundries was became smoking room due to making all the rooms non-smoking.)

Minnie Lisa Sundries is no longer existing, so of course collaborated painting also removed. So we cannot see it anymore. It was well made, so it is a bit pity.

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