【tdr0209】”The secret lounge” of Hotel MiraCosta.


The “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” is a hotel that is Japan first hotel that is built in the Disney Park. It is located inside the Tokyo DisneySea and as a Disney Hotel it is the second hotel after “Disney Ambassador Hotel” 5 floored hotel.

The benefit of this hotel is that it is located inside the “Tokyo DisneySea”. Depending on the room you will be staying that some rooms can see the whole Tokyo DisneySea and also you can use the restaurant without staying at hotel. If you are lucky you can sit the window table to have a meal by watching over the amazing view. To spend time feeling Disney is fantastic for Disney fans.

And the thing you should know is about lounge of Hotel MiraCosta.

Hotel MiraCosta have lobby lounge “ Bellavista Lounge”, which can enjoy the view of Tokyo DisneySea having Italian food. Because Bellavista (beautiful view) and Lounge (place to relax) the view that can be seen is perfect. You can spend such a beautiful time having an excellent meal by surrounded with calm interiors and look over the view of beautiful Mediterranean Harbor.

Although, there is no limit to excellence, so there is “the secret lounge” that can spend more beautiful time than “Bellavista Lounge” exists at Hotel MiraCosta.

The name of lounge is called “Salone dell’ Amico (friend’s salon)”. This is the special lounge that only people who stayed at suite room can be used. Of course the interiors are finish with elegance of suite class. And the lounge is located on the 5th floor. Therefore you can watch out the Tokyo DisneySea from the top of the hotel.

Don’t you wish to experience that?

Even though it can be only used people who are staying at suite, but it doesn’t mean the every room cost $1,000.

Certainly there is a room that cost $5,000, but there are rooms that can be stayed with $600. It isn’t too bad to stay on your special day or as a gift to yourself.

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