【tdr0126】Who took the position of chef of “Chef Mickey”?


“Disney Ambassador Hotel”, which is Japan first Disney Hotel that is located inside the Tokyo Disney Resort.

There is a very popular restaurant that served by chef Mickey.

The restaurant is called “Chef Mickey”.

The restaurant is very entertaining that familiar characters like Minnie Mouse or Donald Duck who dress like a waiter serves the table other than chef Mickey.

It is buffet style and the food is full of things that chef Mickey can cook. Food that shaped Mickey is almost too good to eat.

Such a popular restaurant “Chef Mickey”, but some character took over the restaurant once.

The character is “Donald Duck”.

To be accurate, he did not take over the restaurant “the position of chef was changed for limited time”.

I guess he was jealous of Mickey Mouse by seeing him work as a chef at “Chef Mickey. Donald Duck told “he wanted to do chef”, so from 2011, January 8th to March 31st, “Chef Donald” was opened for three months.

Of course during that time food in Donald Duck shape was served rather than “Mickey Mouse shape” by changing it to footprints of Donald Duck.

It was a limited restaurant, so reservation was flooded more than usual. By that when it was opened again as limited restaurant the following year, limitation of time was introduced.

May be Mickey Mouse, who is the actual chef was jealous of him due to the popularity.

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