tdr0930_First introduction of fastpass was Big Thunder Mountain


“Fastpass” can have fun with attraction in a short time by entering the attraction from the “fastpass entrance” at appropriate time by getting the ticket before hand.

It is a system that introduced to avoid the queue of crowded attraction and to move smoothly and the attraction that acquired first fastpass machine is “Big Thunder Mountain” of Tokyo Disneyland.

On July 24th 2000 fastpass was introduced to Big Thunder Mountain. On that day 6 of ticket booth was installed on the left side of attraction entrance.

After a week later it was installed with “Space Mountain” then fastpass machine installed with many attractions.

[Fastpass introduction order]
July 24th 2000 : Big Thunder Mountain
August 1st : Space Mountain
September 1st : Micro Adventure! (Closed on April 15th 2009)
Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
July 20th 2001 : Splash Mountain

As you can see fastpass was introduced to 4 attractions in 2000. Only one of three biggest mountains, Splash Mountain installed fastpass later than others in the next year.

I guess fastpass was installed having popular attractions priority, but the first introduction attraction was Big Thunder Mountain….That is because it is still a popular attraction.

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