tdr0705_If you want to feel thrilled with scream type roller coaster then sit certain area


“Scream type” is inseparable as a typical attraction of amusement park.

It is not over exaggerated that especially roller coaster type attractions are the face of amusement park. Of course there are people who are not big fan of those attractions, but on the hand there are people who want to feel the thrill as much as they can.

Where you sit gets important if you want to feel the thrill.

Then which seats do you think people can feel more thrill?

Actually “seats at back” let you feel more thrill. To sit front of the roller coaster seems scarier, because there is nothing in front, but the thrill increases the more you sit at back.

When sitting front seats it moves slowly when falling or curve point and it increases the speed gradually.

But when sitting at back it gets totally different that max speed occur because of power of front pulling and centrifugal force, therefore people can experience the thrill.

People who are not big fans of scream type attraction tend to sit back seats and people who are good at scream type attraction sit in front, but that is totally opposite.

How about sitting front seats with courage if you don’t like scream type attraction?

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