tdr0550_Astronaut went on Space Mountain?


“Space Mountain” is a very popular attraction that exits every Disney Park such as Anaheim and Florida of United States of America, Japan, France, and Hong Kong.

“Space Mountain” opened at the same time Tokyo Disneyland opened and the “Big Thunder Mountain” and “Splash Mountain” is loved as “Big Three Mountains”.

I am sure many people become fan that guests can experience thrill by running through the darkness that is created the outer space.

Anyway, because the attraction called “Space Mountain” it has an image of Neo-futuristic, so the attraction itself doesn’t look old, but actually it is built from long time ago.

As I have explained above, Tokyo Disneyland opened in 1983 in Japan, but when it first came out was way back in time January 15th 1975. It was first released for public at “Magic Kingdom”, which is located in Florida, United States of America.

Actually it has been 40 years since it made debut. Isn’t it surprising?

Many guests gathered for present of historical and unexpected “Space Mountain” and there was a person who made historical accomplished that is deeply related with space.

That person was “James Irwin”.

You may not click when just hearing his name, but he is an astronaut and surprisingly he is a person who successfully landed on the moon with Apollo-15 in July 26th 1971.

You would never think the real astronaut appear on the queue of “Space Mountain”.

By the way, James who experienced “Space Mountain” was very impressed by how interesting it was. Real astronaut acknowledged the attraction is such a great commercial message.

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