【tdr0368】Which attractions had to be taller than 4ft 7 to go on?


Tokyo Disney Resort has various attractions such as fantastic attractions or speedy attractions.

The thrilling attractions, which people call “scream type” has high popularity among all the attractions.

Tokyo Disney Resort has many very thrilling attractions such as “Center of the Earth”, which is the fastest attraction at Tokyo Disney Resort, “Tower of Terror” that is the highest attraction at Tokyo Disney Resort, or “The Big Three Mountains” such as “Space Mountain”, “Big Thunder Mountain”, and “Splash Mountain”.

Scream type attractions are typical for amusement park.

Scream type attractions popularity is also stable at Tokyo Disney Resort that each trilling attractions are popular that make long queues, but for the safety there is height restriction.

Scream type attractions speed is fast and falls quickly to make it more thrilling, so it is pretty obvious that there is height restriction.

To prevent the accidents like slipping down from the safety bar, so the height restrictions are set on every attraction.

Tokyo DisneySea “Raising Spirits” had the most strict height restriction. The height restriction became “over 3ft 10 under 6ft 4″, but until June 2009 it had to be “over 4ft 7″.

With this height restriction even adults have possibility of not able to ride the attraction, so it is really strict.

By the way, the list below is the height restriction in order of fastest attraction at Tokyo Disney Resort.

1.TDS: Center of the Earth 46.6mph (taller than 3ft 10)
2.TDL: Splash Mountain 38.5mph (taller than 3ft 10)
3.TDS: Raising Spirits 37.2mph (taller than 3ft 10 under 6ft 4)
4.TDS: Tower of Terror 31mph (older than 3 years old, taller than 3ft 4)
5.TDL: Space Mountain 30.4mph (taller than 3ft 4)
6.TDL: Big Thunder Mountain 25.4mph (taller than 3ft 4)
7.TDS: Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull 14.9mph (taller than 3ft 10)

When challenging the scream type attractions it would be best to check the height restriction before hand.

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