【tdr0290】When getting fastpass you get benefit from it?


I am sure there are many people wanting to get on the attractions that they want, but not liking to wait long time. The shorter the waiting time is better.

For those Tokyo Disney Resort is issuing “fastpass ticket”.

First, head near the entrance of the attraction you want to get on and insert the park ticket to fastpass ticket machine.

Then the “fast pass ticket” will be issued having specific time on from the ticket machine. What you have to do after that is to come back to that specific time that says on the ticket, so the waiting time gets shorter plus you can use fully until the time.

Attractions that has fastpass ticket machine are shown below.
【Tokyo Disneyland 】

*Westernland_______________Big Thunder Mountain
*Critter Country_____________Splash Mountain
*Fantasyland_______________Pooh’s Hunny Hunt
__________________________Haunted Mansion
*Tomorrowland______________Star Tours: The Adventures Continue
__________________________Space Mountain
__________________________Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasterz
__________________________Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Go Seek!”

【Tokyo DisneySea】

*American Waterfront__________Tower of Terror
___________________________Toy Story Mania!
*Port Discovery_______________StormRider
*Lost Rive Delta______________Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the
___________________________Crystal Skull Raging Spirits
*Arabian Coast_______________Magic LampTheater
*Mysterious Island____________20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
___________________________Center of the Earth

You can issue “fastpass ticket” with attractions that is listed above, so if you see the attractions that you want to get on then I highly recommended to use this. Especially you should use fastpass at Tokyo DisneySea, because you may be missing out.

Actually, when issuing fastpass at Tokyo DisneySea rarely 2 tickets with cutoff line come out from the fastpass ticket machine.

It is like a “winning ticket” that first ticket (the top) is the normal “fastpass ticket” and the second ticket (bottom) is “surprise fastpass”. This “surprise fastpass” is a rare ticket that can be used with attraction that is not issuing fastpass.

And the subjected attraction changes moment to moment and the probability is very low.

So, when you do get the “surprise fastpass” then you are such a lucky person.

Use “fastpass” to make the waiting time shorter and spend quality time until the specific time then when winning the “surprise fastpass” then its “kill birds with one stone”. You would miss out if you don’t use it.

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