【tdr0249】What is it exactly that attraction that appears so many animals?


Many characters are active at Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.

Other than Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse other than Disney characters you get to see so many characters even ones that has no name. You came all the way to Disney park, so when seeing famous characters it makes you go crazy.

But it’s not just the Disney characters making Disney Park colorful. Especially the animals’ existences are very charming. You get to see various animals at attractions.

So, which attraction can be seen such animals then?

The answer is “It’s a Small World”.

This attraction is famous for the theme song “It’s a Small World”, which exists in Disney parks around the world. Actually this attraction has about 550 of small figures and 250 of animals that are made finely with audio animatronics.

Disney is amazing how they prepared this many of figure and audio animatronics to express all the countries of the world.

The attraction that has the most animals next to “It’s a Small World” is “Jungle Cruise. This attraction is taking place in Jungle so it is obvious.

We tend to get excited with famous characters at Disney park, but how about paying attention to the animals, which they are working without expecting any credit.

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