【tdr0217】The arrangements that have made to reduce stress while on the Q line.


Everyday 70,000 to 80,000 guests are visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

No matter how bad the weather is or on the weekdays Disney Resort is always full. Disney Resort is one of greatest theme park of Japan that visited by so many people irrespective of age or sex.

Because it is such a popular theme park the waiting time of attraction gets over an hour is such an ordinary thing and during long weekends like golden week more than 100,000 of guests are visiting the park and waiting time of attractions often becomes 4 to 5 hours.

Actually in 2009, April 15th, the waiting time of “Monsters, Inc. “Ride & Goo Seek!” reached 5 hours and 30 minutes.

This is such a typical thing at Disney parks and long queue is just the ordinary thing with Tokyo Disney Resort.

So, to line up on Q line (waiting line) for so long is very tough.

And when just standing up without moving forward makes you pile up the stress. To reduce even little amount of that stress Tokyo Disney Resort have measures of shortening the waiting time as much as possible, so there is some arrangements are occurred on the Q line too.

That arrangement is the width of Q line. Actually every Q line width is unified with 40 inch.

This is the width when two adults can stand next to each other tightly and is the width people can move forward little by little without standing on the same spot. This “moving forward little by little” is the key of reducing the stress.

Actually the “maximum amount of time people can stay on the same spot is three minutes”, so condition of not moving at all for three minutes become stress. To not give that stress to the guests Disney Resort made the Q line width with 40 inch.

Also to prevent them getting bored, so in the middle of Q line there are so many elements like attraction of “Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull” there is “Dr. Indiana’s office”, which can be enjoyed with eyes.

To just line up doesn’t make you realize the width of the Q line and the arrangements that they made considering about the guests.

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