【tdr0117】To get on to the new attraction before anyone.


Japanese people love new thing or popular things and to become first one to experience.

At Disney Resort, guests are flooded every time the new attraction opens.

Anyway, There is a chance getting on the new attraction “earlier than the day officially it opens”, which means, “you can get on before anyone else.

At Disneyland and DisneSea, before the new attraction opens officially they invite guests to ride. This is called “Open test”. As the name says it is “trial” for new attraction.

Taking photos, recording, or videoing is prohibited when guests getting on the attraction. And guests have to answer the specified survey. Disney Resort will manage the attraction by taking the guests who went on the open test opinions to improve the attraction.

Our opinions may reflect on Disneyland and DisneySea attractions.

Selecting participant’s guests for open test starts a month before the opening.

How they choose the guests? The “casts will ask you directly”.

About a month before the new attraction opens, observe the casts of Disneyland or DisneySea and when you see a cast who seem looking for people then casually get closer to him or her.


May be that cast is the cast who is looking for guests that are willing to participate in open test.

This is may be…

So, do not ever go up to the cast and ask “if there is an open test”.

It rather better to use “fastpass” or “single rider” when the attraction is opened officially. Fastpass is well known, but single rider surprisingly is not very well known. Telling a cast that you are getting on the ride on your own, they will let you get on the ride quick, therefore you are shortening the waiting time.

Even you go as a group it would be fine if you tell the cast that it is fine sitting separately. The waiting time reduced to 15 minutes when it was 2 hours, so it is worth trying.

Also, with Disney hotels like MiraCosta, they provide plan that has so many benefits that make you not wait much even on the weekends.

There is more easy way, which is “to go on the rainy day”.

This can be said to other theme parks like Fuji-Q Highland that parks are not crowded on rainy days. The parks won’t close except for some extraordinary reason and there are full of special service that only exists on the rainy days.

Some people went to Disneyland incidentally and were very satisfied with rainy version of park (you can see Mickey Mouse wearing cute rain coat), so some people go to Disneyland on the rainy day on purposely.

When going to the Disney Resort you can get on the new attraction quicker or limited goods that only sells on rainy day.

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