【tdr0097】When attraction stops for temporary, lost property is related?


Ride type attractions like roller coasters are absolute existence of large theme park. I am sure many people enjoy the thrill of roller coaster type attractions forgetting about the stress. Lately there are ride type attractions that can enjoy even people who don’t like the scary rides, so the way of making the most of it is different with each person.

So, such popular ride type attractions, “lost property” always happens. Small items sometime blown away with speedy ride type attractions. Other than that wallet or cellphone dropped down from hip pocket when sat.

It would be better loosing small items, but it is unfortunate when loosing valuable items. When “loosing valuable items or other items and imperious need”, sometime stop the attraction for temporary to find the item. When loosing items during the ride, it bothers other guests, so be aware to not to loose items when boarding on the ride type attractions.

So, I have said “when loosing valuable items or other items and imperious need”, until now the attraction was stopped by other lost property of passport, cellphone, or wallet.

What do you think it is?

The answer is “a wig”.

For some people loosing a wig is the big of a problem and imperious need. Although, wearing a wig, which is easy to blown away to ride roller coaster attraction is very dangerous. Those who are wearing a wig daily, please be careful.

Also, generally lost property that doesn’t have imperious need, finding after closing. When loosing items other than while riding the attraction report at lost property center. They will send it back to you when finding it.

Tokyo Disney Resort is a theme park that ten thousands of people coming and going in a day, so the number of lost property is huge. Enjoy the park while not to loose items and pay attention to it.

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