【tdr0044】 Benefits to single riders?


When you visit Tokyo Disney Resort on your precious day off, it is quite natural to think you want to enjoy as many attractions as possible. On weekends and holidays when most of people have their days off, however, you have to wait in long line for more than one hour to ride each attraction.

The first thing you can do to simply shorten the waiting time is to get a Fastpass, but there is another way to ride an attraction earlier. That is to be a ‘single rider’.

‘Single rider’ literally means a person who rides an attraction by himself/herself. When one seat remains vacant or suddenly becomes available, single riders are given priority.

Therefore, riding as a single rider is recommended if you are riding an attraction by yourself or if you have no problem in riding separately from other members of your group.

Please note that you can use this single rider priority system only in the attractions below.

○ Tokyo Disneyland

Splash Mountain

○ Tokyo DisneySea

Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull
Raging Spirits

When you want to ride an attraction as a single rider, please tell a cast member in the attractions above to be led to an exclusive route for single riders.

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