【tdr0034】 Keep a sense of humor even in the case of emergency stop


There are a lot of attractions in Tokyo Disney Parks. Even though maintenance is performed on each attraction daily, trouble sometimes occurs. Especially ride attractions sometimes make an emergency stop due to trouble such as malfunction, accident, the guest’s poor physical condition and problem in getting on/off the attraction.

Whatever the reason, the guests should feel unsatisfied when the attraction they are riding makes an emergency stop. They may feel irritated or uneasy ? at least not happy. To take care of the guests’ feelings, the Disney Parks show sophisticated responses even in case of trouble.

In ordinary theme parks, it is common to announce something like “the attraction has made an emergency stop because of XXXX. Please wait for a while. We apologize for the inconvenience. ” But in Disney Parks, each attraction has a unique way to respond to the emergency situation.

For instance, when a horror ride attraction “The Haunted Mansion” makes an emergency stop, the ghost who guides you says “A mischievous ghost seems to be behaving violently. I will take care of him soon, so you guys just wait for a while” as a joke, not spoiling but making good use of the horrific atmosphere.

This kind of Disney’s sophisticated thoughtfulness to maintain a “dreamland” is very impressive.

It must be rare to encounter such an emergency situation, but it is interesting that each attraction has different procedure. You may even feel like hearing each response. If trouble occurs in the attraction you are riding, listen carefully to the announcement, and act in accordance with trying not to trouble other guests.

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