【tdr0013】A priority pass with a stronger power than Fastpass?


Tokyo Disney Resort is a very popular theme park, where tens of thousands of people visit a day. Naturally, the Disney facilities are always crowded. On weekends and holidays when most people are off, each attraction usually has a very long line with the waiting time of more than one hour.

Coming all the way to the Disney Resort just to spend all day waiting in line… that is something you want to avoid, isn’t it? As you may know, one way to avoid it is to get a “Fastpass” which allows you to bypass the long line. But there is another pass which gives a higher priority than the Fastpass.

However, it is not so easy to get that pass.

It is because the pass is issued only when an attraction makes an emergency stop or the safety device is activated and there is no prospect for resuming. If you cannot ride an attraction because of such situation after waiting in line for a long time, you must get very disappointed. To express a deep apology, the special pass is issued.

What is special about this pass is that it can be used not just for the attraction you were waiting in line for. Although the pass does not cover all the attractions, you can choose one from multiple choices specified in the pass to bypass the line (once per a pass).

It must be rare to encounter such an emergency situation, but if some trouble occurs in the attraction you are waiting for or riding, please follow the staff’s instructions and act with caution.

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