tdr0827_Store manager is alien? Pizza restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland


“Pan Galactic Pizza Port” is a Pizza counter restaurant at Tomorrowland of Tokyo Disneyland.

It is a restaurant that installed “audio animatronics” for the first time in the history of Disney parks and food that it carries are normal pizza of “double sausage pizza” and “chicken calzone” and “seafood calzone”, which is baked in parcel. Also sells drinks and dessert too.

Anyway, “Pan Galactic Pizza Port” has high popularity among other restaurants in Disney Park, but do you know who the store manager is?

Actually Italian Alien is in charge of this restaurant.

The name of store manager is “Tony Solaroni” who works at space number 1 delivery pizza chain store, so he is a “hired manager”. He has a dark history of making 10 stores close by making so many mistakes and he was given last chance from the owner, so the 1st store was opened on earth.

Huge machine in front of Tony is “full automatic pizza maker: PZ-5000″ that can bake 5,000 of pizza by using solar heat and he uses this huge machine so well and working hard.

“Pan Galactic Pizza Port” has so much of playfulness even it is a restaurant.

It is quite enjoyable having pizza while looking at amusing store manager.

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