tdr0822_No alcohol? Troubadour Tavern at Tokyo Disneyland


I am sure you get craved for ice-cold soft ice cream or shaved ice when it is summer or on hot day.

I would recommend “Troubadour Tavern”, which is at Fantasyland of Tokyo Disneyland for such situation.

What kind of tavern is it?

As the name of tavern says, but it doesn’t sell alcohol.

Actually it is a counter service restaurant that is operating as a special soft ice cream restaurant and it carries soft ice cream, shaved ice, and beverage. Flavors and menu become different depending on the year, so it is a popular restaurant that never let guests to get bored with.

But it is quite mystery why the name of “Troubadour Tavern” was used?

For Troubadours soft ice cream was food that goes with alcohol and soft drinks were alcohol? Even though the truth is unknown food that it carries are tasty, so how about visiting this restaurant before watching parade?

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