tdr0731_The restaurant that only provides whole cake at Disneyland


There are many restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland and many sweets are provided.

Especially cake is typical.

Cake is popular sweets that sometime limited cake gets sold according to event.

But it is either cake that is cut in pieces or small cupcakes… There aren’t “many” restaurant that provides whole cake.

To explain that, whole cake is only carried at “Queen of Heart’s Banquet Hall”, which is a restaurant at Fantasyland.

“Queen of Heart’s Banquet Hall” is a restaurant that has theme of film “Alice in Wonderland” and guests can order whole cake of “Unbirthday cake”.

It is associated with Mad Hatter and White rabbit holding tea party while singing “The Unbirthday Song”, so cake says “Happy UnBirthday”.

By the way, when telling it is your birthday then the cake will say “Happy Birthday”, so it is recommended to order the cake for your birthday as a memory.

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