tdr0580_If you want to have a meal without waiting then pay attention to certain things of restaurant!


Tokyo Disney Resort is crowded with many guests everyday.

There are 50 restaurants at Tokyo Disneyland and 34 restaurants at Tokyo DisneySea (as of December 2014) to provide food to guests.

When there are this many of restaurants it seems it can provide food to guests easily, but crowdness is inseparable.

Especially, popular restaurants are always crowded.

It is understandable how people get curious about popular restaurants, but sometime it is better to go to restaurants that have empty tables and allow you to have meal relatively quick.

When willing to have fun with attractions or other you don’t really want to spend too much time for meal, right?

Then you want to pay attention to the size of the restaurant.

When the restaurant has huge area and many tables then seat turnover rate becomes better, therefore the waiting time becomes shorter and have more possibility of getting seated quick.

By the way, the biggest restaurant at Tokyo Disney Resort is “Tomorrowland Terrace”, which located in Tokyo Disneyland.

This is the only restaurant that carries hamburger at Tokyo Disneyland.

The number of tables is overwhelming.

It has 1,500 of seats.

It is twice to 3rd times bigger than other restaurants.

And it provides “fast food” like hamburger or French fries, so it takes no time to bring to guest’s table, so the seating turnover rate is quick.

It is a perfect restaurant for people who want to enjoy the park and meals doesn’t have to be heavy.

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