tdr0544_Disney Resort restaurants provide food fast?


Tens of thousands of guests are always visiting Tokyo Disney Resort.

That is why there are many restaurants and many different kinds. But it is not rare that popular restaurants are always full.

Then the speed of providing food becomes important.

Of course at kitchen, chefs are always considering “how fast they can provide the food” that they are cooking without having extra moves, fast and neatly.

But that cannot handle guest’s order.

So, “Central Kitchen method” was taken in.

This is used with chain restaurants and the food-service industry that it is a method that transport to restaurant by having the food cooked at one place and store by freezing or evacuate then add slight step at restaurant and provide.

At Tokyo Disney Resort carries stored food at one place and move to central kitchen for advance cooking then send to restaurants after vacuum preserve.

By that it shorten the time to provide the food to guest and creating merits like stabilize the quality, easy to manage sanitation, or making efficient of cooking.

These business efforts are performed the speed of providing food is fast, so seat turnover rate is fast.

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