tdr0530_The amount of food Tokyo Disney Resort consumes?


Tokyo Disney Resort is always crowded with many guests.

Tens of thousands of guests visit per day and enjoy attractions and other.

Anyway, we get hungry when having fun and walk around. So, Tokyo Disney Resort provides meals at restaurants of course and also many different kinds of light meals like wagon foods are provided.

Because tens of thousands of guests visit Tokyo Disney Resort everyday, so the amount of food that consume is of course ridiculous amount.

More than ten thousand meals a day is so normal.

So, then how much the total consumption would be from 1983, which is the year Tokyo Disneyland opened.

The amount of food that consumed during about 30 years, which is April 1983 to February 2012 is over 800 million meals. This means almost 30 million meals are consumed each year.

Because it is such ridiculous numbers, so it doesn’t really hit you, right?

By the way, if you have 3 meals a day then the amount of food that you can consume in lifetime is 90,000 meals.

It is too obvious, but it is nowhere near.

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