【tdr0435】There was no Japanese food at Tokyo Disneyland when it opened?


“Restaurant Hokusai” is only Japanese restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland.

It is located at World Bazaar and it is popular restaurant that can be enjoyed seasonal limited food like “Osechi” or “Tanabata” other than pure Japanese food while listening background music of koto or shamisen.

Although this “Restaurant Hokusai” was not existed when Tokyo Disneyland opened.

“Restaurant Hokusai” opened on July 20th 1984.

Tokyo Disneyland opened on April 15th 1983, so for about a year and 3 months there was no place to have Japanese food at Tokyo Disneyland.

There was no plan to build Japanese restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland from the beginning. May be people thought Japanese taste was not necessary for the world of Western.

Tokyo Disneyland was opened and at the same time many opinions and wishes of “why there is no Japanese food?” or “wanting to eat Japanese food” was sent.

If you like Western food then it is not a problem, but there are guests who doesn’t like the oiliness like elderly people or who doesn’t like to eat Western food. It is not funny people wanting to eat Japanese food, because they are Japanese.

Oriental Land received such requests from guests and immediately they started to prepare to build Japanese restaurant.

Then “Restaurant Hokusai” was created.

Tokyo Disneyland is a place that many guests gather from all over the Japan.

Likes and dislikes of food is depending on the person, so it is very pleasant for guests when there is many variation of foods.

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