【tdr0403】How come Restaurant Hokusai took the name from Hokusai Katsushika


“Restaurant Hokusai” is a only Japanese restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland and is very popular since it opened on July 20th 1984.

Pure Japanese food can be enjoyed while listening Japanese taste background music such as koto or shamisen, so it is popular by people who love Japanese food, people who doesn’t like American food such as elderly people, or guests from oversea.

Anyway, I am sure you already have noticed, but Restaurant Hokusai’s “Hokusai” is taken from “Hokusai Katsushika” who is an ukiyoe artist of late Edo period.

He is known by his famous piece “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji” or “Hokusai Manga” and he is one of people represent Kasei culture period, but how come his name was used on this restaurant?

World Bazaar, which is “Restaurant Hokusai” located is retro theme land that recreated town of America of late 19 century to beginning of 20 century, so the buildings along the Main Street is built by Victorian (style of building in Victorian era <1837 to 1901>), which was popular back in the days in America.

So, both World Bazaar’s set era and Victorian era stands period of 19 to beginning of 20 century.

Then the idea of “adopting world famous Japanese person name” that active in the same period” was brought up and “Hokusai Katsushika” was selected.

“Hokusai Katsushika” is world famous artist who born in 1760 and past away in 1849.

Every Japanese people know him, even oversea guests can realize his name, and is perfect for the era setting of World Bazaar, so the name of “Hokusai Katsushika” was adopted.

By the way “Restaurant Hokusai” uses difficult Japanese writing than “Hokusai Katsushika” so don’t get mixed up.

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