【tdr0296】The restaurant that greets you with “good evening” even during the day


Tokyo Disney Resort uses “hello” instead of “irasshaimase (welcome)”.

“Irasshaimase” is one way greeting that people don’t really get affinity. So, we often hear casts saying “hello” at Tokyo Disney Resort, but at certain place uses “good evening” rather than “hello”.

The place is “Blue Bayou Restaurant”.

“Blue Bayou” means “blue bay” and is the restaurant that is part of attraction of “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

Inside the high celling restaurant is dark and creating unique atmosphere with lanterns and alcohol lumps. This is only the restaurant that uses “good evening” regardless of morning, during the day, or night.

No wonder why that this restaurant’s concept is “night of outside”. Therefore the restaurant greets the guests “good evening” by making it dark inside and using lights like lanterns.

The production is thorough that to make the it real the air conditioning is adjusted and plays sound of crickets and frogs to make guests to think they are having dinner at outside.

That is such a typical of Disney that never compromise production.

Plus the chef “Yasuhiro Shimomura” who worked at “Blue Bayou Restaurant” and owner of ability won “LE TAITTINGER Prix Culinaire International Japon (2008)” and 42th LE TAITTINGER Prix Ceulinaire International” second place. (He works at “Club33” now.)

Because this restaurant has such a special chef, so the food is delicious is agreeable.

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