【tdr0241】Restaurant Hokusai offers different menu for lunch and dinner?


“Restaurant Hokusai” is the only Japanese restaurant at Tokyo Disneyland and is very popular.

It is located in World Bazaar and you can enjoy pure Japanese menu with background music of koto or shamisen other than that this restaurant offers limited time menu according to season or time of the year like from January 1st to 3rd they offer “osechi” and June to July there is “tanabata zen”.

Restaurant Hokusai used to have different menu with lunch and dinner.

With French or Italian restaurants often offer lunch menu and dinner menu.

Restaurant Hokusai had the same style that lunch and dinner menu was different.

To give an example, lunch was “tempura meal and seiro soba or udon” and dinner was “chicken soboro bowl and seiro soba or udon”. It was great how they had different menu depending on the time of the day, but since they’ve grand re-opening the restaurant in 2011, March, they unified the menu of lunch and dinner.

Lunch menu and dinner menu was removed.

Since there is no difference on the menu of lunch and dinner and result of that merit of people can eat what they want arise, but it is little sad in away.

Current menu (as 2014, September) is as below.

*Tempura Zen ¥1,830 ($18.30) (Rice, udon, pickles)
Select either “hot udon” or “cold udon”
“Cold udon” comes with miso soup.
*Chicken Teriyaki Bowl ¥1,520 ($15.20) (Miso soup, pickles)
*Pork and Fried Burdock Gomoku Udon Zen ¥1,630 ($16.30) (small bowls)
Offering from 2014/09/01~
*Loin Cutlet Zen ¥1,830 ($18.30) (Rice, miso soup, pickles)
*Tuna, Crab, and Salmon Roe Chirashi Bowl ¥1,980 ($19.80) (Chawan-mushi, miso soup)
*Sirloin Stake Over Rice ¥2,240 ($22.40) (small bowls, miso soup, pickles)
*Vegetable Salad ¥330 ($3.30) (Yuzu soy sauce dressing)
*Chawan-mushi ¥360 ($3.60)
*Kids Meal ¥1,210 ($12.10) (Rice ball, Hamburg, sausage, green beans, carrots, potato salad, mini tomatoes, broccoli, young corn, udon, muscat grapes jelly or pudding, apple juice)
*Hypoallergenic Menu ¥1,320 ($13.20) 
Food that is not used 5 major allergens (flour, wheat, egg, milk, and peanut)
*Cream Anmitsu ¥430 ($4.30)
*Vanilla Icecream and Warabi Mochi ¥430 ($4.30)
*Black Sesame Soy Pudding and Soybean Flour Icecream ¥430 ($4.30)
*Seasonal Fruits ¥430 ($4.30)
*Drinks ¥390 ($3.90)
(Coffee, iced coffee, oolong tea, Kirin lemon, Kirin orange, Coca-Cola, Calpis )
※Free refills Kirin Free ¥520 ($5.20)

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