【tdr0237】The Disney magical twist on restaurants.


Tokyo Disney Resort restaurants have 8 types, which is “counter service”, “buffeteria”, “character dining”, “show restaurants”, “table service”, “buffet style”, and “wagon service”.

Among those the most unique restaurant is “Buffeteria service” (“Buffeteria” is Disney coined word of “buffet” and “cafeteria” connecting together.) The system is guest carries the tray and allows to choose any food, drinks, and deserts then pay before sitting at the table. It is different than selecting what to eat by looking at menu it can choose the food by actually seeing it like buffet, so it is very popular type for women.

To choose by actually seeing it or smelling it will make stimulate the appetite, so it is obvious.

And food that you see at these places looks delicious, so choosing too many dishes that fills up the tray happens often. I am sure some people take so many from side menu other than the main. You may look like greedy eater, but actually there is certain twist to “buffeteria” that make guest to select so many dishes.

That twist is the placement of the food.

For example, when the dishes are placed in order of

【Main dish】→【Soup】→【Salad】→【Desert】→【Drink】

People are hungry, so it is obvious them spot on the main dish. And see if the person took the soup on the tray. But it isn’t sure that the person would want to have salad or desert after. When people feel satisfy by seeing the dish that took first then may be they won’t even bother to take other food.

【Salad】→【Desert】→【Soup】→【Main Dish】→【Drink】

So, the dishes are actually placed in order of.

When seeing this order, it is bit strange. Especially the place of desert makes you have question mark in your mid. But to put dishes in order of this placement people take food other than main dish.

Imagine you put salad on your tray when you are starving. Salad won’t fills up your stomach and because you are starving you cannot help to put salad on the tray. And desert. This should be chosen at last, but because you only have salad on the tray, so it is attempting.

Next is soup. From here the dishes become real food and your thoughts change to meal from desert. Then the main dish. Even though you have several dishes on the tray would you skip the main dish? Probably majority of people choose the main dish thinking about the balance of dishes that is already on the tray.

Then it is done after choosing drink at last.

To compare the first example of order that I gave, you can see this placement was made with thinking about people’s mind deeply.

These twist is may be one of Disney magic.

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