【tdr0156】There is nothing that doesn’t exist on the menu of Toyo Disney Resort.


Speaking of Disney Resort, there is more attraction than fun shows or thrilling attractions.

The delicious food that can be enjoyed in the special atmosphere that is far from the reality. You cannot forget about many refined restaurants that has full or originality.

Although, restaurants at Disney Resort have an image of unreachably expensive. I am sure there is many people think it is expensive.

So, I would like to introduce food that can be enjoyed under ¥1,000 keeping the deliciousness of Disney Resort.

Recommended menu that under ¥1,000 is especially the Hamburger shop “Cape Cod Cook-off”.

This restaurant is great for the Duffy fans. It is because other than tables for eating there are seats that can see Duffy’s show. For example, cheese burger, French fries, and drink is ¥760. You can enjoy the meal and a show that has similar price with other normal burger shop.

“Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery” can enjoy light meal at bright terrace tables.

There are many kinds of bread that makes you difficult to choose. Croissant is ¥190 and apple custard danish is ¥330. Every thing is so reasonable. Drinks are all under ¥300.

“Sebastian’s Calypso Kitchen”, which seabed is the theme is located at Mermaid Lagoon that can be enjoyed food of course and also fantastic atmosphere. Scallop cream croquette set is ¥960. It comes with french fried, regular size of drink.

Italian Restaurant “Zambini Brothers Ristorante” that is specialty of delicious wine and high quality of olive oil. Not just the price is reasonable the menu of pasta or pizza is rich.

On the other hand, “Nautildus Galley” if Mysterious Island has terrace seats that hav full of hideaway atmosphere. You can enjoy alcohol drinks while looking over the submarine Nautildus of gallant figure.

This place provides only 2 kinds of food, which is dumpling and chicken, because the menu is narrowed it down to two, so taste and the size of food is great. The chicken that sold here is particularly delicious that it is being so popular by reviews.

Also, reasonable price of soft drinks are of course but beer-cocktails or beer is recommended because it is amazing. This place is great for adult.

Moreover, “Sailing Day Buffet” that can be eaten food from all over the world and it buffet style. This is the one and only buffet restaurant at DisneySea. The price is bit high, but soft drinks are free and you can enjoy roasted beef and other worldwide foods.

The time limitation of meal sometime occurs. It depends on how busy it is.

But most of the guests finish eating after 60 minutes, so you get seated quite fast.

I have introduced many types of restaurants, but what did you think?

Disney Resort is providing various types of meals from light meal to luxurious buffet full of worldwide foods.

It is not over exaggerated to say that there is nothing that doesn’t exist on the menu of the Tokyo Disney Resort.

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