【tdr0123】When you don’t know which restaurant to choose at Disneyland.


Tokyo Disneyland has many buildings that has nice atmosphere, beatiful view, and also getting on the attraction, or watch the shows… Isn’t the biggest joy is “food”?

Although, there are many restaurants in Disneyland and it is too many for those who is not familiar. I am sure some people have no idea which one to go.

So, I would like to suggest 2 kinds of restaurants.

1. Restaurant that provides precious menu that you want to say “this is the thing that only Disneyland have!”

2. Quiet restaurant not too crowded that makes you forget about crowdness of outside.

Have you ever thought of wanting to go to these kinds of restaurant because you are at Disneyland?

However the first one, there isn’t restaurant like the second one.

Many people probably think that, but I would like to introduce 1 and 2 type of restaurants.

The first is restaurants that provide precious menu that makes you want to say “this is the thing that only Disneyland have”.

The joy that you cannot taste anywhere else, but Disneyland.

Of course with Disneyland, but the entire park is full of joy and when to say about food “Mickey shape” menu is the one.

“Mickey Shape” is just like the name says, food that shapes Mickey.

Of course Mickey shape is only limited in Disneyland, but I would like to introduce specialty menu that you want to tell friends to “try this!”

“Mickey Waffle”

Waffle shaped Mickey with huge smile. It can be eaten at World Bazaar “Great American Waffle Company”. It is typical, but is very popular due to the reasonable price and it gets crowded depending on the time.

There aren’t many seats, so it is recommended to go in the morning while it’s not too busy as your breakfast.

It is actually filling, but it would be great to start the day filling the stomach with Mickey smile and have fun.

The terrace tables are spacy, so for those who wants to sit and relax for little bit or have stroller may be a good idea to use those tables.

“Mickey shape of bread of danish”

It can be eaten at World Bazaar “Sweetheart Cafe”

It is good for walking while eating and the price is reasonable. There are many flavors and great for bread lovers. The name of the shop means, “Husband and wife who gets along like a couple” and is a bread and sweets shop.

Surprise! “Mickey shaped boiled egg”.

It can be eaten at Tomorrowland “Plaza Restaurant”

The menu of main dish is plentifully provided and the price isn’t so high. This restaurant is very convenient for those who thought of eating rice due to eating too many sweet things.

I guess many people think the same thing and the restaurant is always crowded, but every one of people gets surprised to see the Plaza restaurant’s Mickey shape menu.

Not with every dish, but on cold udon or BBQ namul bowl there is yolk of “boiled egg” is Mickey shape. The white of an egg shape is the usual shape, but the yolk is completely in a Mickey shape. It is amazing and cannot figure out how it was made no matter how many times seeing it. The way of making it is company secret.

There is another restaurant that provides Mickey boiled egg and is Center Street Coffee House.

This restaurant puts Mickey shape boiled egg on “Hamburg stake demi-glace sauce”.

That’s all for “1”. Next is “2” that people think there are no restaurants quiet and calm.

So, the restaurant that is so quiet and not so busy that makes you forget about the crowdness of typical Disneyland.

Disneyland can hardly express without talking about the crowdness.

Weekends or long weekend, attractions and restaurants get a long queue.

It would be fun to walk around with food from fast food because the restaurants are busy, but you will be walking around all day…it would be nice to sit when you are having a meal.

At time like this “restaurants that are hard to find” is very convenient.

It’s rude to say it is hard to find for the restaurants, but there are tons of restaurants in Disneyland anyhow.

There are restaurants that can only find people who have been to Disneyland countless time and can go around without having a map.

For example, Westernland “Lucky Nugget Cafe”.

This cafe is not so busy even when the Disneyland is so busy. And the price is reasonable.

It is located on after walking pass the boarding point of Mark Twain and go towards on the left side.

It is bit difficult to notice, but it is located along the American Rivers, so Mark Twain going pass by can be seen from some seats. Especially the night view is great that looks like some one drew, that’s how perfect the view is.

Inside the cafe, Country music is played and all you can hear is sound from water and bird singing. It is very quiet and is a cafe that can have a meal calmly.

Some people do bring children to this cafe, but they are nailed with Mark Twain, so they tend to stay quiet.

The parents can have a nice meal while children are keeping quiet.

And “Grandma Sara’s Kitchen” in Critter Country.

This restaurant is located on the slop that queue of Splash Mountain is made. May be it is hard to find the restaurant by people queuing hiding it. It doesn’t really get busy all the time, but it seems like it isn’t busy from early evening to evening when the lighting up starts.

This restaurant is made by imaging a cave, so the atmosphere is great It has many tables and each tables are spacy, so you can relax.

And actually, “Huey, Dewey & Louie’s Good Time Cafe” in Toon Town. I have brought this up as non-busy restaurant, but this is the main restaurant in Toon Town.

You may think there is no way that this restaurant isn’t busy, but it gets quieter at “night”.

Toon Town is located behind the Cinderella Castle.

Majority of guests watch the “Once Upon a Time” after the parade, so they go towards Cinderella Castle. So, the Good Time Cafe, which located opposite side of Cinderella Castle, gets quieter.

This is one of recommended restaurants to enjoy dinner while relaxing at Disneyland of quiet night.

And this is the restaurant that Donald Duck’s fan must go. As the name of the restaurant tells you, there are so many Donald motif menus. I am sure it is awesome for the fans.

It grand re-opened from 2014, July 1st, so there are many new menus. It became a better restaurant by having a huge roof, which it was a totally outdoor restaurant.

This is all for the “2”, but what do you think?

Tokyo Disneyland has various types of restaurants. There are several restaurants that you can spend time quietly and calmly by “making a distance from the crowdness of guest”

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