tdr0995_The mechanism of “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” that operates without rails


“Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” became popular attraction of Tokyo Disneyland since it opened on September 1st 2000.

It is a ride type attraction to have an adventure of Hundred Acre Wood by going on the honey pot ride “Hunny Pot”, but those of you who have experienced this attraction already know that the ride of this attraction moves the flat course that has no rails.

How is it moving without rails with what kind of mechanism?

It is not very famous, but computer is set with each Hunny Pot that control computer that is set in the center is controlling each computer by corresponding with protocol, which is used with general purpose wireless LAN.

Therefore Hunny Pot that is controlled by that runs relying on the electromagnetic induction coils that are embedded ground.

Moreover by setting objective sensor it eliminates dead corners and even failing corresponding with both of electromagnetic induction coils and wireless LAN it doesn’t bump into anything, so it is providing safety mechanism.

Although, when failing to correspond with either of electromagnetic induction coils and wireless LAN attraction is set to stop immediately, so actually emergency shut down won’t happen by objective sensor other than guest drop something.

To move smoothly without rails needs high skill and safety countermeasure.

By the way, “Aquatopia”, which is a Tokyo DisneySea’s attraction that moves without rails operating with similar system of “Pooh’s Hunny Hunt” that it have mechanism of ride moving on the specific course by recognizing the own placement with razor head that rotates, which is set on top of the vehicle detecting reflecting plates that is set certain places.

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